Давид Качон | ALQUEVA

В поредното си красиво видео Давид Качон кара в района около езерото Алкева – най-голямото изкуствено езеро в Европа.

За по-любопитните добавям и кратко описание към видеото (на английски език), а висококачествени снимки от карането му в района може да разгледате тук: https://mtb-bg.com/gallery/david-cachon-alqueva-photos.

My eagerness to find new and different places to ride a bicycle has led me to the southwest of the province of Extremadura, specifically to the province of Badajoz (Spain). There is the Alqueva Lake MTB Center, that is, a space for mountain / gravel bike routes. In total, seven routes can be made, totaling more than 300 kilometers.

It is a sustainable space, without schedules and 100% accessible. The park is made up of five municipalities: Alconchel, Cheles, Olivenza, Táliga and Villanueva del Fresno, around the Great Lake of Alqueva that links the province of Badajoz with Portugal.

Alqueva, with more than 1,160 km of coastline, is the largest artificial lake in Europe and offers visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy a few days in full contact with nature. A place to enjoy alone or with the whole family.


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