Покана за UpDown Cup в Клуж, Румъния

Вчера, благодарение на Боян Шахов (Пупи), получих поканата от организаторите на състезанието UpDown Cup в Румъния, което тази година ще се проведе за втори път. Надпреварата представлява интересна (и трудна) смесица от градско спускане и дуал или, както го определят самите организатор – Downstairs Dual Downhill. За да не губим време, публикувам подробностите без изменения и редакция, направо на английски, защото вярвам, че хората, които биха отишли на мероприятие в чужбина, владеят достатъчно добре този език.

Dear guys!

We hereby invite you to participate in our event, called „UpDown Cup – Downstairs Dual Downhill“, a hardcore dual downhill race, ready to take over the city of Cluj on the 30th of May.

UpDown Cup is the awaited season starter for the romanian gravity events, which climax at the end of August at the meanwhile well-known „Drop’n’Roll Downhill Chalenge“ in the Parang Mountains . The event’s organizers want to shift a sport, that otherwise belongs to the wilderness, into urban surroundings, trying hereby to make it friendlier to the mainstream public and to promote it by means of its unique and pure character.

The competition is targeted at the national and local scene, but it also tries to appeal to some european riders who are eager to widen their perspectives and find out what our venue is all about. The competition folows a eliminatory system and, after the qualifiying session, two riders will be riding the course at once, the fastest of them advancing to the next round.

The venue of our competiton is the Cetatuia Hill, that faithfully watches over Cluj since centuries; a surprising and unlikely place where more than a few national champions and vicechampions of the past years, friends of gravity, were born and bred to rip and shred.

The city of Cluj pioneered since the early 90’s the promotion and the development of mountainbiking and what UpDown Cup only does is carrying on a worthy legacy.

The racing course itself is built around the regular playground of the locals, but it will be revealed only short before the beginning of the competition, in order to avoid giving somebody an unfair advantage. The set-up is a vast array of various stairsets, natural sections, berms, kickers and other man-made obstacles, that will prove challenging for the riders and pleasing for the crowds.

But bear in mind that UpDown Cup isn’t only about the dual downhill competition, speeding through berms and floating over massive stairsets! Our offer is generous and reaches from underground art exhibitions to parties, live acts and other suprises that we can barely wait to uncover. Bring it on!

The entrance fee for the „UpDown Cup – Downstairs Dual Downhill“ is 30 Euros, for registrations made through our website, and 50 Euros for those registering on location. The entrance fee will provide participants with discounted accomodation and full access to all areas of the venue, including special treatment at the party that closes the event. Riders are also challenged to battle for one of the many surprise-prizes, offered by the organizers and their partners.

It’s time to step on the gas and shred the city!

Please forward this e-mail to anybody whom it may concern!

For any other information, please check our website: http://www.updowncup.ro and contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone:

+40 734 653 465 (Paul Ionascu; project manager, headmaster),

+40 722 547 048 (Maximilian Munteanu; media representative, official).

Thank you!

Your friendly UpDown Cup crew


The organizer reserves his right to modify any aspect in the event structure without any preliminary notice; the public remaining to be informed about eventual changes of the schedule by the events official website (http://www.updowncup.ro) or by other means of communication. Major changes will be sorted out democratically on location.