SloEnduro and 4Fun серии - календар за 2018 г.
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Словения е една от най-близките до България държави, в които човек може да участва в ендуро състезание с по-високо ниво на участниците и по-силна конкуренция. Същевременно в словенските ендуро серии разделянето на по-сериозни и трудни събития (SloEnduro), от една страна, и по-любителски ориентирани, от друга (4Fun сериите) не е новост и като че ли дава добри резултати в привличането на повече участници, без никой да се чувства ощетен или прекомерно затруднен.

За 2018 г. календарът включва общо 11 събития на територията на три държави (освен Словения, в сериите има и състезания в Италия и Хърватия) - пет в сериите SloEnduro и шест в сериите 4Fun. За всички, които имат по-силен интерес към тези събития, публикуваме под датите оригиналното прес-изявление на английски език (предполага се, че който желае да кара в чуждестранно състезание, ще може да се справи с текста).Но преди това ето ги домакините и стартовете през 2018 г.

18 март – 4Fun #1: GoEnduro 4Fun, Gorizia (Ita) by U.C. Caprivesi

25 март – SloEnduro #1: Kamplc Enduro, Ajdovščina (Slo) by DK Kampelc

8 април – 4Fun #2: 7th Enduro 3 Camini, Trieste (Ita) by A.S.D. 360 MTB

5 май – SloEnduro #2: Enduro Krokar, Dobrna (Slo) by KD Krokar

13 май – 4Fun #3: Golovec Trails, Ljubljana (Slo) by Golovec trails

26 май – 4Fun #4: Poseka FunEnduro, Ravne na Koroškem (Slo) by ZKSTM Ravne na Koroškem

17 юни – SloEnduro #3: Merjasec Enduro, Ruše (Slo) by ŠD NLP

5 август – 4Fun #5: Matadown, Vernasso (Ita) by Vallimpiadi

26 август – SloEnduro #4: Enduro Krvavec 2018, Krvavec (Slo) by ŠD BAM.Bi

8 септември – 4Fun #6: Trnduro, Reka (Cro) by BBK Team Rodeo

14 октомври – SloEnduro #5: Enduro Grozni, Grožnjan (Cro) by BBK Grožnjan


Прес-изявление от организаторите на английски език:

Here's the calendar for the Slovenian international mountain bike enduro series. Three events from last year's 4Fun series moving up to big league. SloEnduro a bit easier and all-Slovenian all the way to Grožnjan final. 4Fun series without points.

In 2018 mountain bikers from Slovenia, neighbouring countries and even countries further away will have a choice of eleven enduro events: five events of SloEnduro series and six events of the 4Fun series.

Slovenian events dominate the »big league« SloEnduro series this year. After four events in Slovenia the series traditionally ends in Croatia (2017 was an exception). No less than three events moved up into this series from the less demanding 4Fun series.

New in SloEnduro series

The SloEnduro season opens on March 25th with Kamplc Enduro in Ajdovščina which made a successful debut on this location as the 2017 final. On May 5th we'll visit the first of the big league newcomers, the Enduro Krokar at Dobrna. Its organizers have three 4Fun events behind them. On June 17th we'll be welcomed by the second newcomer, the Merjasec Enduro in Ruše, first held in 2016. And the third new event, Enduro Krvavec, will be held on August 26th. It was first held in 2015 as a mass start event, then new trails and formats followed every year in Krvavec park. Once again the final will be hosted by Enduro Grozni in Grožnjan, Croatia, the only Enduro World Series Qualifier event of this year's series.

SloEnduro events should be suitable for more riders, especially regarding physical endurance. These will be one day event, no prologues, and total elevation will be limited to 1200 m. There will be a minimum of three different special stages and two of those stages be allowed to be used twice. Registrations will be limited to 35 Euro.

New in 4Fun series

GoEnduro in Gorizia, Italy opens the series already on March 18th, followed by another one in Italy, the 7th Enduro 3 Camini in Trieste on April 8th whicj was traditionally one of the strongest SloEnduro events. Golovec Trails in Ljubljana on May 13th is a first-time event, same as Poseka FunEnduro in Ravne na Koroškem on May 26th. Matadown, a mass start race from Matajur in Italy, is a classic, it will take place on August 5th. The last 4Fun event will be held on September 8th, Trnduro above Rijeka in Croatia, a newcomer to the series but an event going on since 2015.

Race formats are still mostly left to the organizers and the racing will be kept simple and not too demanding. These are races where riders can learn the ropes of enduro racing without spending too much time on getting to know the trails. Even more, there will be no ranking for the 4Fun events because SloEnduro series will be easier to reach for anyone interested in picking up points all season long. Also new: five year age categories!

Let's not forget why we are missing a classic in SloEnduro this year, the Black Hole Enduro. On June 30th and July 1st the best riders in the world will be going for Enduro World Series points on the cross-border course in upper Meža valley, Slovenia, and Petzen, Austria, for the first time.

SloEnduro is also putting together a new management. More soon!

About SloEnduro

Slovenian mountain bike enduro series SloEnduro started in 2013. The competitions are sanctioned by Slovenian Cycling Federation while SloEnduro is managed by a board consisting of organizers and team representatives.


SloEnduro website: Http://

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SloEnduro Twitter: @sloenduro


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